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Right to Buy

If you have a secure or assured tenancy with a protected Right to Buy and you want to buy your current home at a discount, Right to Buy is ideal for you.

Image: Right to Buy

Customers in Scotland cannot buy through the Right to Buy scheme as the scheme ended in 2016.

What is Right to Buy?

If you rent an ex-council house with Home Group as a secure tenant or an assured tenant with a protected Right to Buy, then you may be able to buy your home at a discounted rate under the government’s Right to Buy scheme.

Who is Right to Buy for?

The scheme may apply to you if your home was owned and managed by a local council when your tenancy started and it was transferred to Home Group while you lived there. You also may be eligible if you’ve been renting your home from us since before 15th January 1989.

How much is the discount for Right to Buy?

The discount for Right to Buy can be sizeable - up to £84,200 to be exact (or up to £112,300 in London). But of course, this will depend on the number of years you’ve been living in your current home and whether it’s a flat or a house.

To check your eligibility and discuss Right to Buy with one of our knowledgeable and experienced advisors, email us quoting your full name and address.

Do you qualify for right to buy?

  • You’re a secure tenant or an assured tenant with a protected Right to Buy
  • You’ve had a public sector landlord (council or Home Group) landlord for at least three years
  • Your home is your only residence
  • Your home is a self-contained property



Looking for Voluntary Right to Buy?

Find out more about the proposed government-backed scheme.

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